Prepper tips: How to get antibiotics without seeing a doctor

*Please understand, this writer is not encouraging you to treat any kind of infection without first seeing a physician.*

There are many situations where you may need antibiotics and preppers may want to take that into consideration while preparing for any number of disasters.  This writer was bitten by a cat just two days ago.  The bite became infected (which is apparently common with cat bites) and a trip to the hospital was required to get  antibiotics.  As my hand swelled and became quite painful, this caused speculation as to how important having antibiotics would be in a disaster.  This writer decided to see if there were ways to get antibiotics without first going to a doctor or a hospital.  Please note, this is not a recommendation to treat yourself for injuries, just a way to make sure that if you cannot physically get to a physician or hospital you still have important medications.

There are currently four ways to purchase antibiotics without first obtaining a prescription.  You may drive to Mexico, buy them online, buy them in an ethnic market, or buy them in a pet store.  Based on availability, this writer will focus on buying antibiotics in a pet store.

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