Ron Paul shatters previous record with 8,500 voters attending his town hall in California (w pics)

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted a peculiar 8,500-plus voters to the third of three town hall meetings he held in California this week, this time at UC-Berkeley.  In drawing such a huge crowd to Berkeley, the 12-term Congressman from Texas shattered his unrivaled town hall meeting attendance record.
At similar events held yesterday and Tuesday, respectively, Dr. Paul drew remarkable crowds of 6,200-plus voters to Cal State – Chicoand 6,000-plus at UCLA.

Ron Paul’s college campus town hall meeting took place at 7:00 p.m. PST at UC-Berkeley’s Memorial Glade, where he addressed the crowd from atop the steps of Doe Library, Berkeley, CA 94720.
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The Giavelli Report asks why the media is afraid to show the thousands of Ron Paul supporters. I say it’s because then they have to admit that all those online polls that were thrown out because Ron Paul got too many voted were valid.  Then they would have to admit they’ve been manipulating the election. They may even have to admit to fraud.

One thought on “Ron Paul shatters previous record with 8,500 voters attending his town hall in California (w pics)

  1. Romney is the dream opponent for Obama. They will portray him as the Wall Street bankster candidate with a straight face, completely neglecting to mention that all the same donors were behind Obama in ’08. Ironic, huh? They will constantly repeat that Obama is “having difficulty” raising funds to match Romney’s Wall Street donors and will go to great lengths to describe Obama’s donors as “small amounts” per person! In addition, Obama will be painted up as the “peace” candidate (Yes!, believe it or not). He will be the candidate that ended the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan and won a Nobel Peace Prize, while Romney will be accused of wanting to nuke Iran, start a currency war with China and reignite the Cold War.

    The Republicans know this and they don’t care because it is all just a big show for the people. It matters not to them who wins, Obama and Romney are the same.


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