Newt Gingrich speaks to the 9-12 Delaware Patriots

On Thursday, April 5, the 9-12 Delaware Patriots had their bi-monthly meeting in Sussex County at the Millsboro Fire Hall. Thursday night, however, the hall swelled with over 340 people as the scheduled speaker was the Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots worked very hard in conjunction with Newt Gingrich’s campaign team and the secret service to get this event organized in just a couple of days.  The Delaware primary is on April 24, just over two weeks away.  The 9-12 Delaware Patriots informed their members that other presidential candidates will be making appearances in Delaware before the primary.

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots also informed their members that another political group attempted to sabotage their meeting with Gingrich.

Due to his status as a presidential candidate, the group had arranged for tickets to be available.  The tickets were free and available through EventBrite.  The Millsboro Fire Hall’s maximum capacity is 350 people.  According to the 9-12 Delaware Patriots, within hours of posting the ticket information, they were targeted:

For the slideshow of his visit, please check out here!
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