Ron Paul has 3,000 supporters while Mitt Romney has 400 supporters (w PICS)

It has become another reason to ignore Ron Paul.  So many people attend his rallies that the pictures can’t be real, or, if they are real, it must be the same people attending his rallies.  Ron Paul must have thousands that follow him from state to state chanting and cheering just like he has thousands who cheat in those online polls.

Tuesday the news came out that Rick Santorum had suspended his presidential campaign.  A few hours later, it was reported that Newt Gingrich couldn’t get on the ballot in Utah because his check for $500 had bounced.  This leaves Mitt Romney and Ron Paul in the Republican race for president.

It just so happened that both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul held campaign events on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney attracted a crowd of roughly 400 supporters to Wilmington, Delaware, where he called Santorum’s decision to suspend his campaign a good day.

“He has made an important contribution to the political process, and has brought forward issues he cares very deeply about and has been able to gather a great deal of public support for those issues and for himself,” Romney said of Santorum, a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania. “He will continue to have a major role in the Republican party and I look forward to his work in helping assure victories for Republicans across the country in November.”

Ron Paul attracted over 3,000 people to his campaign event where he spoke about the Constitution, limited government, and ending the Federal Reserve.  Ron Paul supporters have even been told they were kicked out of the Republican Party before the primary.

Yet Mitt Romney is the GOP front-runner who landed two more significant endorsements on Tuesday.  One wonders if Romney supporters will ever become as active and engaged as Ron Paul supporters.
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7 thoughts on “Ron Paul has 3,000 supporters while Mitt Romney has 400 supporters (w PICS)

  1. There is not one doubt in my mind who to vote for and that is Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who is even for Americans. The others are for everybody except Americans. How any of these other candidates can even be considered for the job is beyond me. The others want to continue to tax and spend, give our borrowed money to other countries, police the world at our expense, control our every move from craddle to grave, treat us like idiots who can not take care of ourselves without there constant vigilance, strengthen the already giant monopolies of the media, hollywood, banking, federal reserve, defense machine,and retail prices of everything, for the wealthy elite.Our country has been taken over by outsiders who do not have our best interest in mind. Israel has more power in our country than all the teachers associations of america put together. Inorder to run for a major office you must have the blessings of the american israel political action group or there media will exclude you as being unelectable and proceed to destroy you in the eyes of the voters. You have only to look at what they did to president carter when he came out with his book about “the truth” how Israel is mistreating the palestinians. ..He was attacked by the american media from all sides, which is proof enough for me to be in favor of immediate break up of our media monopoly with redistribution of stations to insure freedom of speech for all. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has not agreed to attack Iran at the demand of Israel. Therefore he is considered unelectable by the media and all the people who live by the word of the media. If the jews want peace , they should agree to give up there atomic bombs in exchange for Iran stopping there atomic adventures. If either country needs atomic energy for utilities, they should be allowed to buy atomic power plants from the major powers, with the main goal being to do away with atomic weapons as soon as possible for all. The day of aggression must be over for all and we must learn to be happy with what we have and never covet what our neighbor has


  2. I don’t thlink you are doing RP any favors by sounding like a Jew hating Nazi. I have never heard Ron saying anything like you just did. why not do us all a favor and stop hating.
    I don’t like or trust Mitt Romney I think he goes whichever way the wind is blowing, But! I don’t hate the man. I feel just like the people ;of Mass. one term was enough and he knew it which is why he didn’t run for a second term as Mass. Govoner.


  3. So I take it you consider all of Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Peter Schiff, Walter Block & Adam Kokesh to be Jew hating Nazis too?

    Because you know, they’re ALL Jewish & strongly endorse Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Not just policy with respect to Israel, but entire world.

    Also, how about all those Jewish citizen in Israel who’re STRONGLY OPPOSED to Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu? Those Israeli Jews who want to put a stop to American military aid to Israel & let them determine their destiny? They all must be JEW HATING NAZI JEWS according to you, no?!?

    Because heaven knows, nothing Israeli government ever does or AIPAC funded US military aid to Israel could ever be subject to criticism/introspection? Any opposition to it HAS TO BE by default JEW HATING, irrespective of if that opposition comes from Jews or non-Jews (Gentiles?!?!). A very convenient “anti-Semitic” label shelter you have to hide, attempting to escape from illogical hypocrisies.


  4. Hello
    If you like the mess George W.Bush got us into vote for Mittens. If you want Peace ,Liberty
    and smaller Government. Vote for Dr.Ron Paul the only HONEST one out of this bunch of JOKERS.
    Peace to all
    Stephen Schweter


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