Vocal Ron Paul supporter to be kicked out of Republican Party before primary

One common phrase now heard in the Ron Paul Revolution is “Blue Republican”. Blue Republicans are Democrats or Independents who have registered as Republicans in order to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary. This group of almost 12,000 people most likely includes some self-identified Libertarians as well. One hopes that the Blue Republicans will get active in the case of one Libertarian who is currently being kicked out of the Republican Party just two weeks before the Republican primary in his state.

Will McVay’s website names him as a Libertarian and he ran as a Libertarian in his district in Delaware in 2010. He is currently the Delaware Libertarian Party’s Vice Chair, and a Republican. Will, who lives in the 32nd District in Delaware, registered as a Republican so he could vote for Ron Paul. He was quite vocal about the fact that he was planning to become a delegate and to vote for Ron Paul. Delaware’s primary is two weeks away on April 24.

Will may have been too vocal. Will has been notified the Republican Party is attempting to kick him out.



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