Vocal Ron Paul supporter Will McVay to be on the Angel Clark Show

If you haven’t heard by now Will McVay is vocal Ron Paul supporter. His open support for Ron Paul has sent some in the GOP establishment of Delaware frothing at the loins.

About Will:

Will McVay’s website names him as a Libertarian and he ran as a Libertarian in his district in Delaware in 2010.  He is currently the Delaware Libertarian Party‘s Vice Chair, and a Republican.  Will, who lives in the 32nd District in Delaware, registered as a Republican so he could vote for Ron Paul.  He was quite vocal about the fact that he was planning to become a delegate and to vote for Ron Paul.  Delaware’s primary is two weeks away on April 24.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Vocal Ron Paul supporter to be kicked out of Republican Party before primary – Wilmington Elections 2012 | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/elections-2012-in-wilmington/vocal-ron-paul-supporter-to-be-kicked-out-of-republican-party-before-primary#ixzz1ri5SlF3E

Tonight 5-7pm EST Will joins us to discuss his journey into the heart of the GOP establishment who seem to want  nothing more then to continue the statist quo politics of a philosophically bankrupt party.

You can always catch the FREE to air podcast if you missed the live show.

The Radio Freedom News Network is home of the Angel Clark Show

Live Mon. – Fri. 5-7pm EST.


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