Ron Paul is in it to win it and has not scaled back his campaign (includes entire email from Ron Paul campaign)

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been voted one of the most influential people in the world.  He speaks to packed stadiums and sold out crowds almost nightly.  On Tuesday, Dr. Paul spoke to over 3,000 people in one stadium while at the same time Governor Mitt Romney spoke to roughly 400 people (feel free to view a side by side comparison of the events).  While Dr. Paul is holding these events, and speaking to thousands around the country, the media is mainly ignoring or lying about everything he says.

Naturally, today is a typical day.

Dr. Paul had a town hall event on Wednesday and spoke to over 3,000 people about individual liberties, sound money, and the Constitution.  While he was speaking to the filled stadium, his campaign sent out an email.  The email was what may be expected from someone running a nation-wide campaign; “We want money”.

It seems that certain members of the media decided to take his campaign email and turn it into a whimper instead of the roar it was.

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The whole email reads as such:

Dear Angel,

With Rick Santorum suspending his campaign for President yesterday, the mainstream media and the political elites have declared the race for the Republican nomination over and done.

Oh sure, more than half of the country has yet to vote.

And never mind that the presumptive nominee is not even halfway to the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.

I am not ready to fall in line with their plans.  I am not going to allow them to write the story.

This story will be written by you and me over the next few months, just as it has been over the past few years.

In the coming days, the media will be expecting me to also bow down to their new prince.  Well, I want to give them a little surprise.

Instead of a defeated candidate bowing out of the race, as we saw yesterday, let’s show them a surging candidate determined to ride on to Tampa!

And what’s the best way to do that? To have a HUGE Money Bomb this coming weekend.

Our goal is to raise at least $2.5 million on April 15.

That will show them we are still spoiling for a fight!

You see, we are in hand-to-hand combat across the country right now with the GOP establishment as we fight for every single delegate.

And with primaries left in California and my home state of Texas, our campaign has a lot in store for the establishment over the next few weeks.

But it starts right here, with our Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb this coming weekend.

If you believe I should stand and fight when others retreat…

If you believe our message, issues, and movement should go all the way to Tampa…

If you want our campaign to get the maximum number of delegates…

Well, then, it is vital you stand with me right now.  You can pledge your contribution to the Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb by clicking HERE.

I won’t mince words – if we don’t reach our $2.5 million goal, I am not sure our campaign can go on.

We cannot do this halfway.  It’s too important.

So please, pledge your contribution today.  Pledge to fight with me over the coming weeks and months.

Promote the Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb on Facebook and Twitter.  Email and call every friend of Liberty you know.

I am counting on your support for our April 15 Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb.  This is no time for suspending campaigns or concession calls.  This is the time for Patriots like you to continue our fight.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. With so many state conventions upcoming – where the real delegates will be selected – you and I must double down in our efforts to fight for Liberty.

I am ready and willing to fight to Tampa if you will stand beside me.  You can show your support today by pledging to give to our April 15 Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb.

Just click HERE to pledge.


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