Ron Paul gathered almost 10,000 supporters in Texas with ALL the pics I could find!

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul drew a remarkable 3,600-plus supporters and undecided voters to the final of three town hall meetings he held in his home state of Texas this week on Thursday.  The 12-term Congressman from the Lone Star State’s 14th District spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday holding fundraisers, engaging the Texas and national media, and holding large events drawing thousands of attendees.

Dr. Paul has been voted one of the most influential people in the world in 2012 by the readers of Time Magazine.  He is heralded as the face of the libertarian movement. Rasmussin Reports recently released poll results that stated that Dr. Paul is the only candidate who is able to beat President Obama.

On Tuesday, Dr. Paul spoke to over 3,000 people in one stadium while at the same time Governor Mitt Romney spoke to roughly 400 people (feel free to view a side by side comparison of the events).  On Wednesday, Dr. Paul addressed another 3,000 people in Fort Worth, Texas.  On Thursday, Dr. Paul spoke to over 3,600 people in San Antonio, Texas.

Almost 10,000 people in three days is a much larger number than any other Republican candidate can claim.
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Thanks to Kory, Chon, and Peg for most of the images!


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