CNBC’s Squawk Box with Ron Paul ‘he already changed the debate, he wants to win’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul was on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Monday Morning.  Within two minutes of his segment, a host asked the 12-term Congressman from Texas “From a practical perspective, the polls would suggest the chances of winning are very, very low, if not impossible.  Is this not about winning so much as it is about changing the debate.”

This writer believes that Dr. Ron Paul has already changed the debate.  In fact, there’s plenty of proof that he’s already changed the questions asked in the Republican debates to date.  You may watch the videos of each debate here.

Do you remember a candidate named Herman Cain?  He suspended his campaign after allegations came out regarding his personal life, but he went on to endorse Newt Gingrich and then take that endorsement back.  Herman Cain kept avoiding answering questions about the Federal Reserve.  When he did answer, he accused people of lying.  However, unlike in 2008, the question was asked.

Almost every Republican debate for the candidacy in 2012 has included questions about the Federal Reserve.  In September, the candidates were asked “Should the Federal Reserve be audited” and “How much of my paycheck should I be allowed to keep” (a taxes question) in the same debate.

Despite many members of the media leaving Dr. Paul out of the polls, databases, and articles, and others just plain lying about Dr. Paul, Dr. Paul has been named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”.

His campaign events are sold out stadiums of thousands and filled with enthusiastic supporters.  This writer has sat and recorded crowds chanting “End the FED” and “President Paul” for an hour before the candidate was scheduled to speak.  Veterans march in the street for him in the rain, the cadence call sounding out “Ron Paul revolution: bring us back our Constitution” loud and clear.

Congressman Ron Paul is well known on college campuses.  One of the most effective ways to change the debate is to teach the next generation the truth.  Congressman Paul has done that.  Almost any campus that you visit will have people talking about liberty, freedom, and economics, and agreeing with Congressman Paul.

If this race were just about “changing the debate”, Ron Paul would be sitting back at home, relaxing, instead of booking more and more stadiums to fill with his supporters.  If this race were about “changing the debate”, Ron Paul would have already won.

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