Thousands head to a grassy knoll in Austin, Texas to see Ron Paul speak! (With PICTURES)

While Ron Paul was speaking to thousands in Austin, Texas on Thursday, CISPA was passed.

Now, on to the positive.

On Thursday, thousands in Texas gathered to see Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speak.  The grassy knoll in Austin at the University of Texas slowly filled as supporters prepared to see Ron Paul.  The 12-term congressman from Texas had announced a few days prior that his campaign team would be focusing in Texas, his home state, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Dr. Paul’s campaign events consistently pack the houseflood the streets, and fill stadiums.

Tuesday’s primaries in five states caused sources close to the Gingrich campaign to inform the media that Gingrich will be dropping out of the Republican race for the nominationnext Tuesday.  This means the Republican Party will have two choices for the nomination for president, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

The Congressman, one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People“, has declared he is not dropping out and is in it to win it.  The crowds drawn to his events seem to emphasize this.

The numbers have not been released by Ron Paul’s campaign staff yet.  Until they are, enjoy these pictures! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos via @ChonRM on Twitter, @KoryWatkins on Twitter, and @Texas4Paul on Twitter and Ron Paul 2012.


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