Proof Negative of Freedomizer Radio to be on Radio Freedom tonight

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have Proof Negative of Freedomizer Radio!

America is founded on liberties and justice for all! These inalienable rights must be fought for! The words we choose to share “Our Voices” have become weapons, the swords which will destroy deceit. We begin relentlessly searching for truth tellers around the world who can bring some light to the shadows of lies. Its now the top priority, the mission, our destiny. Everyday, everywhere voices will be heard, the passion stirs within all and Freedom Unites Us!

We welcome you to the Freedomizer Radio Network!

The Proof Negative Show

 The Proof Negative Show will discuss Current Events everyone else is too scared to talk about: Microchips, Chemtrails, and Thumbscans. Mix in some comedy, sports, and the “Stupid News of the Week”, and you have Proof Negative. Proof Negative ALWAYS has Proof.


Find Angel:

The Angel Clark Show Fan page on Facebook

Angel Clark (@SussexAngelC) on Twitter

Angel Clark – Wilmington Elections 2012 Examiner |

Radio Freedom News Network Home Of The Angel Clark Show

LISTEN LIVE tonight from 5-7 pm EST! Make sure you join our Chat Rooms with any questions and to interact with other listeners! If you can’t listen live make sure you check out our archives (for free of course) or download the show on iTunes!



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