YouTube banned Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul 2008 campaign channel

One of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s most effective avenues to reach his millions of supporters has been through the internet and social media.  On Monday, one of those avenues was shut down.  YouTube has banned one of Ron Paul’s most used YouTube channels.

If you try to go to Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign channel, you will instead receive a message that states, “RonPaul2008dotcomhas been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.”

This Ron Paul channel contained thousands of collected videos and speeches of Ron Paul’s appearances throughout the years.

This YouTube channel is not run directly by Ron Paul 2012, but was had been the official 2008 presidential campaign channel.  It was later taken over by a fan that aggregated thousands of videos from appearance around the country on this page.

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views later, many Ron Paul supporters claim this is another exampleof Ron Paul being censored.

One post on is titled: The Largest Ron Paul Channel on YouTube…Removed?! It goes on to say, “RonPaul2008dotcom Has always been my source for watching video’s from current to years back. Having thousands of videos, millions of views, and hundred’s of thousands of subscribers.. Youtube has decided to shut the account down……. To all those who added videos, to it.. Thank you… But, Youtube, must be trying to censor ron paul even more…… IM SO P***ED THOUSANDS OF VIDEOS GONE!!!!”

The Ron Paul campaign has yet to address this action by YouTube, instead focusing on the recent resignation of Texas EPA regional chief, Al Armendariz.


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