Ron Paul wins Maine despite allegations of Romney supporters attempting to cheat

Despite not being declared the winner in Maine’s Republicancaucus in February, Ron Paul, the Republican Congressman from Texas, won a majority of delegates in the state on Sunday.  The weekend also saw results for Ron Paul in Nevada as 22 out of 25 electable delegates support the Republican presidential candidate.  In Maine, reports vary regarding the number of Ron Paul supporters became delegates, with some news sources reporting 23 out of 24delegates for Ron Paul while other sources report 21 out of 24 delegates for Paul.

However many delegates Ron Paul and his supporters did manage to win in Maine, two facts are not disputed.  It was almost a full sweep and it was a hard fought battle for every delegate.

One witness claims that the convention was purposefully delayed.  The convention started late, every vote was counted and recounted (in some cases there were numerous recounts).  There are also claims that Romney supporters attempted to provoke Paul supporters (in the hopes the Paul supporters would be kicked out) and that attempts to stall time included over 200 people being nominated as national delegates.  Then each nominated person went to stage, one-by-one, to withdraw his or her nomination.  Most alarming of all were the numerous reports of Romney supporters handing out fake ballots to voters.  The fake delegate slate (seen here) was written in the same style and font as the original (seen here).

Mitt Romney supporters, despite their alleged under-handed attempts to keep Ron Paul supporters from running the show in Maine, claim the party should unite behind one candidate.

… Romney supporter, delegate John Carson of Kittery, acknowledged, “this is a split convention”.  “The Paul supporters have had a successful process and should be congratulated on that,” said Carson, a veteran of numerous state conventions.  “I think it’s important that the Romney camp and Paul camp come together and support a single candidate,” Carson said, adding that candidate should be Romney.

Only time will tell whether these Romney supporters will come together and support Ron Paul.  Ron Paul supporters have been quite vocal about refusing to support Romney.

Examiner has declared this not newsworthy.  I disagree. 


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