Thousands gather to see Ron Paul and the Tea Party Express in Texas (with PICS)

On Sunday, thousands in Texas gathered for a Tea Party Express rally.  This rally featured Ron Paul, his son and Senator Rand Paul, Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer, and Texas Republican candidate for U. S. Senate, Ted Cruz.  Many expressed relief to see a Tea Party organization not rushing to support Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign ChairmanJesse Benton said “One day this rally will occupy a special place in our history books when the Paul family and tea party are credited with restoring American government to its constitutional limits.  How soon this recognition comes is up to voters”.

Ron Paul Radio included live coverage from the Tea Party Express rally with Ron Paul.  It is archived and available fordownload here.

On Thursday, Michele Bachmann endorsed Romney.  Gingrich is expected to endorse Mitt Romney in a few weeks despite his previous reputation as a “Tea Party candidate” and Romney being considered the “establishment candidate“.  However, many Republican voters claim to be less than enthusiastic about supporting Mitt Romney and are looking for an alternative.

Despite Governor Mitt Romney being the perceived “front runner” in the Republican race for their presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul maintains he will remain in the race.  His strategy has most recently won delegates in Iowa, Alaska, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.  The Huffington Post reported Thursday that Ron Paul will be on the ballot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, meaning that Paul has won at least five states.  The Associated Press is reporting that Ron Paul won a victory in Maine on Sunday.  In fact, Ron Paul won 21 out of 24 delegates in Maine.

Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul remain in the Republican race for the presidential nomination.

Examiner has declared my story on this to be not newsworthy… ugh

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