How to stop Facebook from using your pictures in their advertising

Facebook stocks dropped over 10% on Monday, the first day after the stock went public.  The social network has had its fair share of negativity in the press in the last few days, including one mother who dedicated a page to her son and had it taken away.  General Motors announced thattheir Facebook ads did not work and Greenlight reported that 44% of Facebook users never click on the sponsored ads on the side of the page.

The Facebook IPO started at $38 and many speculate the actual value Facebook is in the $16-24 range.  Facebook has made a few changed recently which you may not be aware of, changes which may help increase the value of their stock.

Have you paid attention to the third party ads and social ads on Facebook?  Did you know that when you upload an image to your Facebook page, you are giving Facebook access to that image?

What are third party ads
Third party ads are ads shown by companies and people on Facebook. These might be tailored to small medium or large businesses. FB once ran into trouble with these ads as they were using users photos in the ads. That according to Facebook will not happen again but if in case this does happen in the future you need to protect yourself against it.

What are social ads
Social ads track the likes of your friends. So if one of your friends likes an ad on Facebook. You will see their name below the ad with the caption (name of friend who likes this). Social ads on Facebook pair your likes beside ads to show to your friends.

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