Joe Del Rio is suing Austin for seizing his house because of his bunker

It has been over two years since Joe Del Rio was rudely awakened by officials in Austin, Texas.  The SWAT team was called, the bomb squad was there, the fire department was deployed, and Del Rio was detained for over 10 hours.  Joe Del Rio had built a bunker under his home.

Del Rio was billed $90,000 by the city of Austin, claiming they had to make repairs on Del Rio’s lifelong home to make it “safe”.  Joe Del Rio is now suing the city of Austin for their actions.  Del Rio claims that the city’s actions were “heavy-handed” and that it was an unconstitutional seizure of his property.

The bunker-like space (as it was called by the city of Austin) started out as a Cold War fallout shelter.  Many families had such a shelter at the time and Del Rio’s family was no exception.  After Del Rio took possession of his family’s home, he expanded the fallout shelter into a “work space“.  The City of Austin filled in Del Rio’s entire basement and bunker with 264 tons of concrete.

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