John Slevin to be on Radio Freedom with Angel Clark

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have John Slevin!

About John:

Born August, 1957 in San Francisco, CA.

Grew up in Sacramento area, attended private schools, St. John Vianney, Jesuit High School; had a full scholarship to USF (Jesuit), political science major

1976, was appointed to an LBJ scholarship by Congressman John E. Moss, worked on his staff and on his Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

Since 1979 I have worked campaigns professionally.  Managed and worked on literally hundreds of issues campaigns initiatives, referenda and recalls plus candidate and party ballot access efforts—Have done this in 17 states plus D.C.

I manage direct voter contact efforts (one on one voter contact, all kinds of canvass).

Founder, WinLiberty

I also ran the paid ballot access effort to put the LP presidential candidate on the ballot in Nevada in time for the 1988 cycle.  That was the first state in which the LP nominee qualified for that cycle.  That candidate was Ron Paul.

I’ve been a registered Libertarian since 1979 (until earlier this month when I registered Republican so I could vote for Ron Paul).

I voted for him first in 1988.

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