This proposal brought out the romantic in me

OK, so I’m not really a romantic kind of girl.  I play video games and like to watch blow-em-up movies.  I hate those crappy love songs where some guy swears he’ll die for a woman instead of promising that he’ll fight like Jason Statham to make sure no one can get close enough to be in a position to viably threaten her.

In other words, the Bruno Mars song, “I’ll catch a grenade for you”, drives me insane.

This other Bruno Mars song, however, just made me smile.

Business Insider:

Men around the country will either loathe or be inspired by Isaac Lamb—because he just set the bar for creative marriage proposals pretty high.

Last Wednesday, Lamb gathered more than 60 friends and family to organize a surprise lip-dub proposal of Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me” to his girlfriend, Amy Frankel.

The video subsequently went viral on YouTube, being watched more than 5 million times.

This may just top the viral video of Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz‘ wedding party dancing to Chris Brown’s “Forever.”

Watch the scene unfold below:


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