Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban the sale of large sodas in New York

New York City and the Bloomberg administration plan to enact a ban on the sale large sodas and other sugary drinks at movie theaters, restaurants, and even street vendors in an effort to fight obesity.  The proposed ban, announced Wednesday in the Governor’s Room at City Hall, would affect the menu of almost every popular sugary drink in delis, fast-food restaurants, and even sports arenas.  In fact, the sale of any cup or bottle of the beverage larger than 16 fluid ounces would be prohibited.

As soon as next March, New York City may be banning any sugary beverages larger than a medium coffee.  From energy drinks to sweetened iced tea, large sugary drinks may soon be off the menu.  The ban would not include diet sodas, fruit juices, milkshakes, or alcoholic beverages.  The ban would also not extend to sugary beverages sold in grocery stores or convenience stores.

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