Anti-gay teen talk radio host Caiden Cowger has his podcast taken away

A West Virginia teen radio host who recently made headlines proclaimed that President Obama “is making kids gay“.  Fourteen-year-old Caiden Cowger recently made his anti-gay statements public on YouTube as well as on Spreaker web-based radio.   Not only did Cowger state that “homosexuality is a belief”, but he also proclaimed he was sickened by those around him who differed in sexual orientation.  On Thursday, YouTube removed Cowger’s videos, calling it hate speech.  On Friday, Spreaker also removed Cowger’s statements for “offensive content”.

Cowger admitted that he used to be friends with people who have since admitted they were gay.  “They were not homosexuals [then]…they just decided all of a sudden, ‘I think I’m going to be gay,’” before he eventually concludes, “I’m going to tell you this, guys: President Obama…Vice President Biden…is making kids gay!”

Cowger identified Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as his influences on his Facebook page.  Many on the right are professing anger that private companies took down Cowger’s rants.  Some claim this violates his right to free speech.  However, private companies, especially companies that ask the user to sign “terms of service“, maintain the right to delete content.

Cowger has yet to respond to this writer’s questions.

Or this writer’s radio questions:

Or this writer’s Meme:



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