Vance Phillips and an anonymous letter

OK – so there’s this via Delaware Liberal:

BREAKING & DEVELOPING: DSP Investigating Anonymous Letter Sent to DE House Members that Includes Criminal Allegations Against an Elected Official

I have been given an overview of what is in the letter from a source. Apparently, the contents of the letter have been an open secret or a well traveled rumor in Sussex County Republican circles for the last two years, and involve all the star players of the Sussex County Republican Party. Indeed, if the contents of the letter are true, it will devastate the Sussex County Republican Party and ruin the careers of three prominent Sussex County Republicans, and possibly lead to their criminal indictments.

The anonymous letter was sent to every single member of the House of Representatives. It contains allegations that Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips was involved with a minor female, aged 17 years old, two years ago, during the 2010 campaign. The implication is that this relationship was sexual, and I am told from another source that it was consensual.

I am told the letter goes into detail as to places and times where Phillips and the minor female were together. I am also told that this has been known in Republican circles of power downstate for some time. Indeed, allegedly, Glenn Urquhart knew about the affair, confronted Phillips about it, and, together with the minor female’s family, had her sent away to a religious school in another state.

The alleged affair colored the relationship between Phillips and Sheriff Jeff Christopher, who also may have known about the affair. Indeed, you recall the physical altercation between Phillips and Christopher over the Sheriff’s illegal and unconstitutional power grab? Well, allegedly, one of the witnesses of that altercation was the minor female’s grandfather. If this is all true, than that confrontation is seen in a whole new light.

The minor female is no longer a minor today. She is 19 now. We don’t know if the relationship is still going on.

Now, this all raises a number of questions.

Now, Delaware Politics apparently wants no comments on this, but Delaware Liberal is encouraging discussion.  They also asked a few questions:

I am adding my own opinions to their questions.  Because I blog to share those opinions.  I will not, however, be revealing the young woman’s name.

1. Is any of it true?

I remember the Urquhart campaign, I was approached several times for help, but declined.  There were many people who did not decline, for their own reasons, political advancement or belief in the candidate.  One of whom would be, I believe, the girl they are referring to in this letter (yes, she was a GIRL at the time, important distinction).  I know there were plenty of times when Vance and this girl ran around the state doing this or that, and yes, they were alone.  That, was common knowledge.

The thing is, I kind of feel like a lot of this is crap.  It’s going to be practically impossible to disprove these allegations, and people will now whisper about it for, well, most likely both of their lives.  When the campaign was going on, people were running around all over the place, and from the girl’s perspective, if Glen had won she would have been a nice start to her political career.

So, I may kick myself for saying this later, but I don’t think anything sexual occurred.  I am not rushing to anyone’s aid in this, I’m saying it because I feel I should speak.

Vance has made a lot of enemies politically recently, it was common knowledge that he spent a lot of time with a young woman, and the logical conclusion would be for his political enemies to use that to their advantage.

2. Even if true, is any of this a crime?


3. Why now?

Delaware Liberal may have a point here… but honestly, I don’t know.

4. What now?

Sit back and wait.

Of course, the young woman that I’m thinking if was not shipped off to a religious school in another state, she was super hyped when she got accepted.  She is also in a committed relationship with someone who is definitely NOT VANCE (I’ve seen pictures, the guy is NOT Vance in a wig or anything)!

A letter sent to every member in the House is a pretty firm statement… It’d be messed up to make that allegation without proof… Do you think the Delaware State Police will go all CSI and fingerprint them? Bet someone’s prints are on at least one of those letters that shouldn’t be there…



12 thoughts on “Vance Phillips and an anonymous letter

  1. It is a shame that Delaware Politics is not allowing comment without at least more forcefully condemning these smear tactics.

    FIRST, if someone has facts, maybe not proof but enough precise details to alllow for a concrete investigation, does anyone doubt for a second that the Delaware State Police would have investigated such charges? What purpose did it serve to send a public letter? The excuse would be to make sure it got investigated. Does anyone really believe that the DSP would fail to investigate such a matter?

    To read the news of Delaware, there is always a conviction for some child porn or sex with children case — like every week. Either Delaware is a hot bed of sexual misconduct or the Delaware State Police is extremely aggressive about investigating and prosecuting such offenses.

    Does anyone think the DSP would not have investigated without a public stunt like this?

    Or maybe the DSP did investigate and found it was false, and the people stirring the pot can’t accept it?

    Remember that the DSP already investigated the Sherriff Christopher vs. Vance Phillips WWF showdown, including talking to the witnesses. If this was part of the dispute, or floating anywhere around, the DSP would have picked up on it already. Whoever sent this anonymous letter provably took the ocasion of that investigation to send this information to the DSP.

    The DSP dropped its investigation and found nothing wrong.

    SECOND, the letter and Delaware Politics misrepresents the law of Delaware. Delaware’s Code is complicated. But the age of consent is 16, not 18.

    Sex with a 17 year old girl is statutory rape ONLY if there is actual sexual intercourse and the adult is 30 years or more older than the 17 year old. I think Vance Phillips would count as 30 years older. But the act prohibited is very narrowly actual intercourse.

    Otherwise, all kinds of things would fall very broadly within “sexual contact” – not necesarily intercourse.

    A 50 year old man could take a 17 year old girl out on romantic dates every night of the week, as long as they do not engage in sex.


  2. Also, it is not quite as clear to me. But it appears that ignorance of a girl’s actual age is not a defense under Delaware law ONLY if the charge involves being under 16 years old. The definition sections suggest that if a man is led to believe that a girl is 18, that WOULD be a defense. If a girl is under 16, there is no excuse whatever the man was led to believe or what the girl told him. But that appears to be different when it comes to offenses under 18 but older than 16. So it would be a defense if the girl led a man to believe that she was over 18…. I think.


  3. If it’s true, aren’t the anonymous whistleblowers guilty of failing to report statutory rape to the appropriate authorities? They wrote a letter to a bunch of politicians, instead. Sounds like they knew about the alleged relationship for a while before striking at a politically opportune time. That’s a crime.


  4. How is this smear against Vance Phillips any more reliable than gossip about Barack Obama having a gay lover who was murdered?

    This is about as honorable and meaningful as the ANONYMOUS story a few days before election day in 2010 that Christine O’Donnell supposedly had a one-night stand without having sex in 2007. (People called “bull” on that one on the claim that a Philly boy well-lubricated with beers turned town sex — for any reason. No one believed that.)

    The only way any one would have paid any attention to this anonymous gossip nonsense about Vance Phillips is through this gimmick of sending a letter to the legislature.

    We should not allow such tactics to succeed.


  5. One problem with all of this is that because the girl has not been identified, she cannot deny it. If a girl says “It isn’t true” the response can be she’s not the one we are talking about.

    So this anonymous salicious gossip cannot be denied, because no one has identified who the girl is who would be able to deny it.


  6. of course phillips did it-and no no one is going to do anything about it-this is delaware r-d-i behind the names means nothing but corruption, vice, theft and now tyranny and add rape and sexual abuse of a child to the list beau biden will do nothing there is no justice for the protected class of which mr. phillips is one they are all corrupt, theives and quislings and now apparently child molesters


  7. how come when the political elitist class are exposed it is a smear-i could never understand the reasoning of quislings and yes the kenyan prez did have a homo lover who was murdered the evidance is overwhelming vance phillips is a dirty politician who got cought in child rape-this is not a smear it is a fact.


  8. First of all it’s nice to see you’re still around Angel. I’ve read the letter and it’s childish, repetitive and redundant in how it describes the same thing over and over in slightly different ways. The writer(s) sure is holding a grudge for Vance Phillips and why they waited until now to start this trouble up is beyond my imagination. It’s sad that something like this has to be done in this manner. Keep up the good fight Angel. I’ve yet to really even get started with mine yet!
    Jon M: you know how to contact me and I’ve been looking forward to trading some emails with you!


  9. It’s a smear because there is no truth to it. If there were any truth to it, someone would go direclty to the Delaware State Police and tell them. They would not offer an anonymous letter to the legislature.

    Paul: Just swamped. I don’t know if it will be meaningful in terms of any real details of your controversy, but in terms of sympathy with the complexities of relationships, I would be happy to talk when life gets less crazy.


  10. you have an elected official WHO IS THE GOVERMENT having the dsp WHO ARE THE GOVERMENT investigatre a GOVERMENT OFFICIAL and they will find the GOVERMENT OFFICIAL IS INNOCENT-geez just like holders ministry of justice investigating itself with the end result predetermined to be it did no wrong-funny how that works-especially with liberals and democrats and a complicit state run mediqa


  11. Yeah, I hear you on that. But that’s not the problem. The problem is the total absence of any FACTS. You have an anonymous letter. The woman is not named, so she cannot even deny it. The woman cannot come forward and say “That never happened” because then you will just say it is really some other girl, and not her. So it’s the total lack of any real facts that makes it a smear.

    Sure, I worry about a white wash. But I don’t think Vance Phillips (a conservative Republican) is exactly a favorite of the Markell Administration. SO I don’t see the DSP bending over backwards for Vance Phillips.


  12. Well Jon I beg to disagree in that, IN THE LETTER, she is named and her name is repeated a number of times in the two page ‘document’. Latest updates I’ve gotten is that there are four people being investigated.
    As for being ‘swamped’ I took Friday and Saturday off to enjoy the NHRA Big Show this past weekend and I’m so covered up from that I’m putting off giving blood today until next week just because I can’t afford the time or the weakness that follows. I usually do it every 56 days but it’s going to be 63 this time around. Two of the 16 businesses I have a majority interest in are being purchased back from me at the end of the month and although the legal eagles handle most of that it still requires my time as well just to make it happen for these fellows. Very happy for both of them!


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