Cambridge proposes ban on sale of all sodas and sugary drinks in restaurants

The “war on obesity” moves forward to Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Based upon the recent proposal by New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, to limit the size of sodas and other sweetened beverages, the Mayor of Cambridge has her own proposition.  Proposed Monday night, Policy Order Resolution O-4 would ban the sale of all soda and sugar-sweetened beverage in restaurants.

It seems size doesn’t matter in this proposed ban:

That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to refer the matter of a ban on soda and sugar-sweetened beverages in restaurants to the Cambridge Public Health Department for a recommendation.

Based upon a risk of obesity and diabetes, Cambridge City Mayor Henrietta Davis proposed the idea at the Cambridge council’s meeting.  “In addition to being an obesity threat, soda is one of the contributing factors to an increasing rate in diabetes and heart disease amongst younger people,” Davis said.

The ban Davis has in mind is similar to the recently proposedBloomberg proposition, one that led to anger and outrage from the citizens of New York City.  The council voted to refer the proposal to its health subcommittee.  It may be interesting to see how business owners in the city which houses Harvard and MIT react to this proposed ban.



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