Vance Phillips Press Release calls whomever sent the anonymous letter “Georgetown bin Laden”

Vance Phillips’ attorney, Joe Hurley:

Last week, Councilman Vance Phillips was the victim of a bin Laden attack. The terminology which will always live in American ignomy, refers to a spineless coward who sits in the darkness, and deliberately, and gleefully, inflicts pain on innocents in order to accomplish his deranged agenda. Pakistan had its bin Laden. Sussex County has one as well.

Not content to attempt to assassination of the character of Vance Phillips, Georgetown bin Laden, targeted innocent members of the General Assembly with public attacks launched from the darkness, of course, that would imperil their political careers. Finally, and in what may be described as perhaps the most steroidal act of revulsion, Georgetown bin Laden, maliciously, identified a young lady as a participant in criminal activity alleged by him.

Fortunately the United States of America had Navy Seals as its disposal to dispatch the Pakistani spineless excuse for humanity to kingdom come. Unfortunately, Vance Phillips does nto have that luxury.

All that Vance Phillips can do, and now does, is to challenge Georgetown bin Laden to come out of his nest n the “darkness”, and separate himself from other cowards of his ilk, if there are any, and stand in the light of day and prepare to “bring it on”. Vance will be waiting.
Georgetown bin Laden can present his evidence and Vance will present his. One of them will stand acquitted. If it is Vance, and it will be, as the Jihadist rat shrinks back into his hole, he will become the target and, more specifically, as he slinks along the laser will focus on him and his assets should there be any and justice will be done.

Joe Hurley

Despite my own issues with an anonymous letter stating that someone raped a young woman, it’s a stretch to compare an anonymous letter with the killing of thousands… In fact, it’s insulting.

Also, here is an update via Delaware Grapevine, looks like someone read the letter here…

When the legislators got home Tuesday evening after their session in Dover, they found an anonymous letter in their mail. It was sordid.

“This letter is written to inform Delaware elected officials, elected by the people I might add, of the situation that began in 2010 and may still be ongoing today involving Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips of the 5th District and an under aged girl,” it began.

That certainly got everyone’s attention.

The letter was two pages long. It accused Phillips, a Republican, of carrying on an improper relationship with a 17-year-old whom he met while both of them were working on the campaign for Glen Urquhart, the Republicans’ congressional candidate two years ago.

“I place the ball in your court and request you ferret out your own bad apple. I suggest to you that if you fail to do the right thing with regard to Mr. Phillips, the situation will be made public through the regular media as well as social media. In addition, the public will be made aware that you were complicit,” it said.

The letter was signed, “An Anonymous Sussex County Citizen.”

Phillips got himself a lawyer. It is Joe Hurley, the noted defense attorney.

“My guess is the letter is from someone in the law enforcement community. It is threatening. Let the coward come out of the darkness into the light, and there will be a responsible accounting. It’s a bullying, cowardly personality that wrote that,” Hurley said.

“Vance will be cooperating completely.”

With “An Anonymous Sussex County Citizen” talking about under-aged sex and with Hurley talking about defamation, the investigation could go anywhere.

This case is not a whodunit but a who-done-what.

Agreed. Can we say WTF?


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