Texas A&M students create human wall to block Westboro Baptist protesters

Red is a color many associate with anger, however, on Thursday, a “wall of red” was a show of love and respect in Texas. Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale, a Texas A&M University graduate in 1993, was killed during a training exercise at Fort Bragg on June 28. During a safety briefing in North Carolina,Lt. Col. Tisdale was shot and killed by a fellow soldier who committed suicide.

Family members and friends were shocked at the loss, claiming that with all of the deployments Tisdale had, they never thought anything would happen to him at home. The Westboro Baptist Church, on the other hand, planned a protest at Lt. Col. Tisdale’s funeral. Westboro Baptist Church is known for protesting at military funerals, claiming the soldiers “are dying for the homosexual and other sins of America”. Alumni of Texas A&M University refused to let this happen.

Continue Reading: http://exm.nr/LYSjQq

View slideshow: Texas A&M students and alumni create human wall


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