Former Ron Paul staffers start PAC – and talk to The Angel Clark Show about it

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have David Boyer representing the Defense of Liberty PAC!

David Boyer currently serves as Executive Director for Defense of Liberty PAC. Most recently, he served as a director in Maine and Missouri for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign. David has done work in grassroots activism, fundraising and volunteer coordinating. David was born and raise in Baltimore, Maryland.

Maine’s Defense of Liberty PAC Announces Official Launch

The liberty movement is on the march in Maine 

Falmouth, ME – Defense of Liberty PAC, a political action committee with a mission to advance the cause of liberty in Maine, today announced its official launch.

Maine’s Defense of Liberty PAC, co-founded by former staffers of Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign, says it intends to be a powerful force in Maine politics for many years to come. Co-founders Eric Brakey and David Boyer, both of whom were instrumental in the Texas Congressman’s successes in this year’s Maine Republican Convention, believe that Maine is an ideal place for the liberty movement to flourish.

“This year’s Maine caucuses have shown that Ron Paul’s message of liberty hits home with a large number of Maine’s citizens. Maine is ripe for a true restoration of the principles of limited government, personal liberty and personal responsibility. Too many elected officials have drifted away from these principles in recent years and we intend to hold them accountable,” says Defense of Liberty PAC chairman, Eric Brakey.

According to their website,, Defense of Liberty PAC’s mission is to make Maine a model of economic and personal freedom for the rest of the nation. They plan to accomplish this mission by identifying, supporting and electing liberty-minded candidates to public office throughout the State of Maine and by working to advance legislation that will defend and promote the liberties of Maine’s citizens.

“After being a part of a national presidential campaign it became very clear to us that the way to effect real change on the national level is to start by building a strong majority of liberty focused and constitutionally sound elected officials at every level of state government,” says executive director, David Boyer.

The Defense of Liberty PAC is off to a great start after assembling an impressive list of advisors, many of whom are veterans of Maine’s liberty movement. Defense of Liberty PAC advisor and chief executive officer of Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine, Linda Bean says “I am excited by the driven, youthful leadership at the Defense of Liberty PAC and the opportunity for more political wins for Maine!” Linda believes that there is a need for an organization that can provide campaign training and on the ground mobilization to support liberty candidates in the state.

Defense of Liberty PAC says their vision is to be a tool to promote the cause of liberty within the Republican Party and throughout the State of Maine. “From supporting liberty candidates to lobbying for legislation in the state legislature, I expect the Defense of Liberty PAC to play a key role in moving the liberty movement forward here in Maine,” says 2012 Maine Republican Convention Chairman and Defense of Liberty PAC advisor, Brent Tweed.

“The time to act is now. The liberty movement in Maine demonstrated its strength this year. Now is the time to build on our momentum and use our strength to bring significant change to Maine government. The liberty movement’s best days are ahead and the Defense of Liberty PAC intends to lead the way here in Maine,” says Brakey.

“Through the joint efforts of liberty activists and the Defense of Liberty PAC, we will work to make the protection of liberty through legislative policy — policy that protects our citizens, our economy and Maine’s future — a political reality,” says Boyer.

Defense of Liberty PAC says it will hold a “Liberty Launch” conference call on Monday, July 9th at 7pm EST. To participate in the conference call, which is open to the public, dial in to (724) 444-7444 and use Call Id 121712# and PIN 1#.

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