Are you running for office in Delaware?

I just sent out the following email to everyone who gave the correct email address in Sussex County (except for one politician who I shall not publish anything from his office)… If you didn’t get one, and you filed in Sussex, chances are you filed with the wrong email address.  Feel free to reach out! Also, I’m working on getting the filing list for New Castle County and Kent, but if you’re in the state and running, let me know!

Hi!  My name is Angel Clark.  I am a writer, blogger, and talk radio host.  I would like to congratulate you on filing to be a candidate in Delaware!

Running for office can be a scary thing (even if you’re already elected), and sometimes it is difficult to know who will publish your information in an unbiased way.  That’s why I’m emailing you.  You gave your email address when you filed and I am taking advantage of that!

Regardless of which party you belong to, I believe that voters should be informed.  If you send me press releases, I will publish them, objective and unbiased.  I will not add my opinions to your press releases, and I will give you the chance to get the word out!

Thanks (and best of luck to you)!


This email has been sent to you and your opponent(s).

If you’re running in Sussex County, and you had the correct email address on the filing form, and you didn’t get an email from me, there’s a reason (you know who you are).  You are an ass.


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