Amazon wants to give me $2 to change my profile and follow people with my Twitter account

So I saw this fun promotion! I connect my Amazon account with my Twitter account and I get $2 in free credits to buy MP3s.  I love free stuff, Amazon, and music, so this seemed like a no-brainer!

Also, I can see the merit in having my Twitter account linked to my Amazon:

“Angel just added Item of Awesomeness to her wishlist!” – Then people could buy it for me! My online wishlist would actually have a point!

I clicked the button to add my Twitter account to my Amazon and read the permissions Amazon wants…

I’m sorry Amazon, but who are you planning on following and why the hell do you want to update my profile?  Is it not enough that you would have access to all the people who follow me (and my Facebook page since that’s linked to my Twitter) but you have to follow people AND update my profile???

You’re planning on changing my profile picture to this chick and making me follow Nair aren’t you…

Nice try Amazon, but not good enough…


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