Penn State University fined $60 million and 111 wins by NCAA

In an unprecedented act on Monday, the governing body of U.S. college sports hasfined Penn State University $60 milliondollars claiming that the school had worshipped Jerry Sandusky and put winning ahead of integrity, honesty, and responsibility. The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) also voided Penn State‘s football victories for the last 14 seasons (1998 through 2011). The 14 seasons erases 111 of Coach Paterno’s wins and strips him of his standing as the most successful coach in the history of college football.

Penn State did not receive the “death penalty” that could have eliminated its football program, but the university was banned from post-season play for the next four years. The scholarship program at Penn State was also cut by 40 percent (dropping from 25 players to 15). This is the price that Penn State University will pay for Jerry Sandusky, who brought boys onto the college campus and molested them as the college looked the other way.

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Penn State reacts to NCAA sanctions

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