“Without a Face” – creator of the TSA Song – and Rich Muny of the Poker Players Alliance join the Angel Clark Show tonight!

Tonight on the Angel Clark Show on Radio Freedom we have Without a Face and Rich Muny!

Meet Henry of the band Without a Face!

He’s joining us to talk about his new song! The TSA Song –

It all started with a Kickstarter… 

Rich Muny has been a tireless advocate for poker rights since passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. He has successfully organized like-minded poker enthusiasts to work together on many campaigns for poker rights. These efforts led to his being named to the PPA Board of Directors in 2007 and to his current role of vice president of player relations in 2011. Prior to being named vice president of player relations, Rich made his living at the tables as a professional poker player. Prior to that, Rich was a mechanical engineer for GE Aviation, where he developed extensive project management, problem solving, and other skills that he brings to his role at PPA.

As vice president of player relations, Rich is responsible for ensuring that the concerns of the player base are always at the forefront of the PPA’s mission and strategic decisions. He is responsible for PPA’s communication of these issues with individual poker players, poker blogs, and all other poker-specific media. He regularly communicates directly with the player base on social media, on several online forums under his online handle “TheEngineer”, and via phone calls and emails.

LISTEN LIVE tonight from 5-7 pm EST! Make sure you join our Chat Rooms with any questions and to interact with other listeners! If you can’t listen live make sure you check out our archives (for free of course) or download the show on iTunes!

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