Delaware Primary Results / Upsets

with 99% reporting (Check the results here)

Interesting points – At least stuff that threw me off:


Democrats have 17%

Republicans have 13%

Democrat US Senate –  

Tom Carper won, Keith Spanarelli did get almost 6,000 votes though at 12.2%

Republicans – Representative in Congress

Tom Kovach won – Rose Izzo got a surprising 34.5%

Democrat Insurance Commissioner – 

Karen Weldin Stewart won with 32.9%

Mitch Crane was next with 30.3%

Paul Gallagher had 19.8%

Dennis Spivack had 17.0%

(This race is interesting to me because of the large number of people who voted, and the way the percentages were spread around.  If more people were active third party members, 30% of the vote could make a winner)

Senate District 6

Democrat – Andy Staton won (58.1%)

Republican – Ernie Lopez won (54.9% or almost 400 votes)

This was interesting – I wonder if that autobot call by the 35th ED CONSERVATIVE PAC had something to do with this… I thought it was kind of not needed. 

Republican Senate District 19

Eric Bodenweiser pulled it off.  He beat the incumbent Joe Booth by 200 votes

Eric had 52.7% and Joe had 47.3%

Democrat – Representative District 20: 

Marie Mayor won this with 64.9%

Lynn Rogers had 28.9% and Tom Jones had 6.2%

The last one that really interested me was County Council District 3… 

Republican Don Ayotte beat Brent Wangen… by about 130 votes…

That’s it! The results are in – congratulations to the winners, sorry to the losers, and there really were some surprises for me…


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