International Students For Liberty Conference – 2013 – I am here, the party has started

OK, the party actually started yesterday, if you don’t count the pre-game, and I’m sure there was plenty of pre-gaming. I got here (the International Students for Liberty Conference in DC) yesterday and did a liver broadcast of The Angel Clark Show – available here if you missed it. The show included the Liberty Train, with Corey Moore, Mike RinoRemover, and Shaun Rieley. We also had some guests associated with Students for Liberty. Zachary Slayback, from the University of Pennsylvania joined us, Keara Vickers, a graduate of the Ohio University joined us, Nick Roskams, from the University of Leuven in Belgium joined us (his shoes were AMAZING by the way), and Susette Espana, a graduate of the University of Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala joined us. I have to add that Susette’s university sounded awesome. It’s a libertarian college – wow.   I’ll be honest, I crashed early, exhaustion. I hate waking up in the mornings, and boy did I ever have to in order to get here on time.  Students for Liberty asked everyone to be… dressed to impress, and boy did people listen. Right now I am sitting in the “media lounge” and am the one person wearing jeans in a sea of suits. It’s cool, I’m used to it.


Anyway, this morning I headed to Cato for lunch and to see David Boaz.  He gave a fantastic speech. They had a nice little spread of food, and the company, as it seems is traditional here, was all very well dressed.



I stole this picture from the Cato’s Twitter account. You can’t see me, I’m hidden in the back, as usual.

I’ll be honest, it was my first time hearing David speak, and he was great. I was pleased to see Cato getting involved with SFL. Why, well, obviously, we want to get the concept of Liberty and Freedom instilled in youth, instead of the concept of a nanny government. Boaz, I should add, opened his speech with a Hayek joke. You know you’re in the right place when you hear economics jokes.

I should add, I saw this amazing cover on the way to Cato.

Drone Wars


Drone Wars – please keep people aware!


Anyway, a few random pictures taken by Mike as he was wandering around – look for more later

2013-02-16 13.55.47

2013-02-16 13.57.22


In other words, I missed the Stossel taping, oh well, there’s always another one later.


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