Man charged with DUI despite blowing .000 during breathalyzer test


Jessie Thornton, a 64-year-old man who lives in Ariz. Was recently pulled over by police after he left an LA Fitness gym. Sources reported Monday that Thornton was accused of driving drunk, despite the fact he had no alcohol in his system. He was given a sobriety test and arrested


The officer who arrested Thornton stated he could tell Thornton was drunk by looking in his eyes. “He walked up and he said ‘I can tell you’re driving DUI by looking in your eyes,” Thornton said as he described the situation to KNXV-TV. “I take my glasses off and he says, ‘You’ve got bloodshot eyes.’ I said, ‘I’ve been swimming at LA Fitness,’ and he says, ‘I think you’re DUI,’” said Thornton. “He goes, ‘Well we’re going to do a sobriety test.’ I said, ‘OK, but I got bad knees and a bad hip with surgery in two days.” 



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