Father comes home to find school hall monitor, 41, having sex with teen daughter

Tajreed Rich, a 41-year-old Robinsdale Cooper High School security monitor is facing charges after an unnamed father came home and found the school employee in bed with his 17-year-old daughter. Rich had been an employee at the school since 1995, and had worked numerous jobs there. According to charges filed Tuesday, Rich had been a security monitor, a parent liaison, a “relationship counselor”, and an assistant coach of a nearby school’s cheerleading squad. The 17-year-old student admitted to her father that she had sexual relations with the school employee at least twice. It is unknown how many times the teenage brought the 41-year-old school security monitor to her family home.



Rich admitted to having a relationship with the unnamed teenager, calling her a “vulnerable student”. He admitted he knewhe was doing something wrong. It is unknown if Rich had sexual relations with other “vulnerable” students at Robinsdale Cooper High School.

Learn more: http://www.examiner.com/article/father-comes-home-to-find-school-hall-monitor-41-having-sex-with-teen-daughter?cid=db_articles


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