Josh Phipps is a statist who is not affiliated with the Libertarian Party or Campaign for Liberty

This random toolbox named Josh Phipps (here’s a link to his Facebook page). He keeps telling people he’s associated with the Libertarian Party of Delaware and the Delaware Campaign for Liberty. I’m a proud member of the Bacon Party myself, by the guy kept adding me to all these shady Facebook groups, so I unfriended him. He then retaliated in the most offensive way possible.

I’ve been vocal about fighting for Mark Baker of Baker’s Green Acres. Mark is currently fighting against his local government. He raises pigs, and the state came onto his property and declared the pigs he raised feral. He is currently fighting $700,000 in fines for raising 70 pigs. His local government is trying to throw the book at him because Mark fought back and sued them for destroying his pigs and taking away his livelihood.

Josh was so upset when I unfriended him (someone I’ve never met in person by the way) that he decided to call the Government and tell them he thinks it’s great that Michigan is currently trying to ruin a man’s life because they decided, after ten years, that he was raising the wrong kind of pig.


I’m posting this here because I want everyone who googles this jerk (Josh) to know the kind of person he is. He claims to be a libertarian, but justifies the Government destroying the lives of Mark Baker and his family.

Also,ย Josh Phipps =

1. Jack Justis
2. Jack Justis Politician Annihilator
3. George Freeman
4. John Derpen

I normally don’t care about political party fights, but Josh’s actions are horrible, and there needs to be a record of it. I’m not the only person Josh has harassed. He currently has two open cases in the Delaware VINELink system. I don’t know what these cases are, VINELink doesn’t provide more information than the fact that they’re there. I do know, however, that former Libertarian candidate Will McVay pressed charges against him for harassment a few months ago.

Joshua D. Phipps, of the 100 block of Millcreek Drive, said he would not plead guilty or accept a bargain regarding charges he threatened 28-year-old William R. McVay and a 25-year-old Dover female he is living with via Facebook messages left between March 5 and 6, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

Mr. Phipps was charged in March after Mr. McVay and the other alleged female victim reported to Dover police that he had sent what was described as an โ€œalarmingโ€ post on Facebook, an arrest report said. He was given a no-contact order involving both alleged victims.

It seems that this guy likes to use social media to harass people, and this isn’t the first time he’s done it.




7 thoughts on “Josh Phipps is a statist who is not affiliated with the Libertarian Party or Campaign for Liberty

  1. I normally don’t comment, but I seriously doubt he literally called. Just by the demeanor in the post it just appears he was trolling you. What would the government employee say on the other line anyway? “Cool beans bro glad you like it.” I just think there are far more villainous people around.


  2. I do not get why you are concerned about this man. If you are part of the bacon party and he is part of the libertarian party. Is he not helping your party by driving people away from the libertarian party?
    Sounds like he is just helping you out.

    I don’t see this as very productive and its just letting your hate and grudges get the better of you. I almost took you for a serious blogger/reporter for a second.

    ..grow up and let your hate go.


    • Oh I’m grown, but his actions need to be archived, now they are. I’m not filled with hate. Now that this is up, I could care less. I never met the idiot. But he thinks he can make his statements disappear with a Facebook report.


  3. Sorry Joe, over ruled ๐Ÿ˜€ as you can clearly see by watching the Mel Brooks movie spaceballs my schwarzz is bigger than yours. Nothing wrong with making a record ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love JP but he exists to upset other people and he’s been on a four year tear right now. He stepped off the edge the other day, but his victim is pretty forgiving, so this isn’t the only record. Only posting to note it’s ongoing, I’m on the outs with him now and he may have very well made an actionable statement damaging an attorney that he thought had ‘lost his bar’ among other elements. So now if any one checks, there’s a record. No reason to think he’s going to stop harassing people for kicks.
    Defense motion for summary judgment denied. ๐Ÿ˜€ Deuteronomy 1:17


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