In which the news makes me sad


This happens more often than you might think, the news making me sad. During the past few days, I’ve seen dozens of stories about police abuse. News about police hurting civilians, killing them, tazing them, raping them. People stick up for them when I share these stories.

“No, they’re just doing their job,” people say.

That’s not their job. Their job used to be to keep civilians safe. Now it seems it’s more about revenue generation … and power trips.

A friend of mine was a cop 20 years ago. He would tell me stories about finding someone who had drunk too much and driving them home instead of arresting them and charging them with three or four charges.

Did you know it’s a crime to commit suicide? I saw a story recently about a young man who was talking about committing suicide. He was armed with a screwdriver. Cops killed him within 70 seconds of arriving on the scene.

Cops who do things like this need to be ostracized by those around them. If cops want people to view them in a better light, cops who abuse civilians need to have charges pressed against them. They need to be kicked from the force and thrown in a cage.

Protecting the violent psychopaths within the force make believe they’re all psychopaths.

Here are some GIFs of police abusing a teenager and laughing over his bleeding body to prove my point. They pepper-sprayed him while he was on the ground. The teen ended up with brain damage from this, by the way.

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3 thoughts on “In which the news makes me sad

  1. don’t they have to take mental health screening test BEFORE they r hand live ammo and the fire arm in which that ammo fits. I no nothing about Drake the dog…….. but from what i gathered he was treated worse than “a dog”. Pun intended. Perhaps the LAPD needs a couple of session with Cesar Milan. There is no shame in most of them and the few good ones don’t or wont stay on because they cant stomach what they see everyday. Its to bad that the people they are charge with the duty to protect and serve don’t have even the smallest say in who becomes a police or sheriff and who doesn’t. Just a thought/


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