In retrospect, yesterday vs today

I was speaking to a friend on the phone today. He reminded me of the political views I had years ago, or at least the ones I vocalized via this blog. There’s a reason I leave the past posts up on this blog.

It’s a reminder to me, of the evolution of myself.

When I first began paying attention to politics, Barack Obama had just won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, for saying he would end wars (despite the fact that years later he still hasn’t ended them and has even increased the drone wars).

I had hated George W. Bush with a passion, and that was probably a big part of why I had considered myself a Democrat. I’ve been antiwar for as long as I can remember. I even used to have a talking Bush doll, you push a button and it would spout out some of the “Bushisms” he was famous for. IE:

“I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.”

“Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?”

“It was not always certain that the U.S. and America would have a close relationship.”

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family.”

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on—shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.”

“One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.”

They misunderestimated me.”

I loved that doll, by the way, I was devastated when it broke.


So Bush was out, and Obama was in. I knew enough to know that I would hate him as a president too (and he hasn’t surprised me in that aspect). But my fellow Democrats were celebrating his election.

I realized that the party line was too much for me, and found the Tea Party. The group claimed they were non-partisan, and wanted limited Government. I believed them. I found that when I went to Tea Party meetings, I was the token Democrat, meaning I was the only one there. They would point to me and say, “See, we’re non-partisan”.

But in the beginning, the group did seem to be all about limiting the grasp of Government. It was when Mitt Romney won the nomination I realized that most members of the Tea Party were willing to sacrifice their ideals to put yet another fascist in the White House.

I saw people I had gone to protests with suddenly abandon their ideals and say, “We HAVE to support Romney, it doesn’t matter if he believes in this or that, we HAVE to support him.”

I knew Romney wouldn’t win, I told people that over and over again. “But what if…” they would say. “NO” I would reply.

At this point, I had my blog, I had my radio show, and I was learning. I’ve continued to learn, and my evolution has been very public as I’ve now been doing a radio show 5 days a week (at least) for three years.

I’ve learned that both parties suck, they’re horrible, and I want nothing to do with them. I’ve learned that you can’t change the system from within (I learned this by talking to dozens of people two or three times my age who had been trying to change things by working within the system for longer than I have been alive). I’ve learned that most of the local politicians are corrupt, and I want nothing to do with them either.

I’ve also learned that I have hope in the future. Teenagers now, the ones I’ve talked to anyway, see it all. They see the police state, they see the insane Government spying, they see that the system is designed to lock us up and destroy lives. They give me hope.

So yeah, I leave my old opinions up, and mainly just share the new opinions on the radio show. The question is, have my ideals changed that much? Or am I just better at honestly explaining them?

Now that I focus on national stuff, I don’t care what the local politicians and activists and dabblers think about my opinions. I no longer try to please this side or that side and just be blunt.

I think I like me better this way.


2 thoughts on “In retrospect, yesterday vs today

  1. Now my dear Angel you have an understanding as to why I enjoy talking with those of you younger generations. You are a ‘treat’ to speak with and I hope you know I learn from you when we talk. But I will state that at times. while reading the above, I was LOL! Hope I get a chance to explain why we love Obamaman (Superhero thing) compared to Bush league. One day we may well have a great POTUS but he’s at least done some good things. Have a great trip to Texas and back with Whippersnapper Dave!


  2. I love this post, Angel! My own evolution has been much the same, and from the earliest days of your show, you’ve played a big role in my quest for truth. Ironically, the main difference is that I came from the “right” instead of the “left” (proving that this is a false paradigm, and that a desire for liberty is instinctual…we just all have different mental walls that need to be broken down).

    What you wrote about the Tea Party is exactly how I remember it. When I first heard one of the local organizers inviting people to meetings, it sounded like they were voicing the things that resonated with me…non-partisan, reigning in out-of-control spending and taxation, etc. I just never realized that YOU were the reason they could say they were non-partisan! 🙂 It was only about two or three months in that it was clear that GOP opportunists who wanted to be elected had fully co-opted the movement and added a full-blown social agenda…cough[insert Delaware’s 2010 Senate candidate which I shall refuse to name] cough…

    I am glad you leave this blog up. It is incredibly brave to turn your passion into action so publicly, even as you know that your views are ever-evolving. Those who stay silent for fear of looking foolish later are those who also stay forever small-minded, ebabling the problems to continue. The world only changes because of truth-seekers who take the one step in front of them in and immediately look for the next step and take it as well. You are a beautiful example of this, Angel.

    Proud to have been an ACS fan before being an ACS fan was cool! 😉

    Much love.



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