In Which Life Keeps Me Busy, But So Does Work

So, again, it has been a while since I posted. This time my reason is not just gaming (although that’s a big part of it!). Moghedien, my ESO healer, is now in close to being veteran rank. She’ll get there eventually, I just need to stop crafting so much and start questing more. 

I moved a short distance from where I was living in Rehoboth, preparing for a bigger move in a few month. I also have a ton of stuff I gave away, and much more to give away! So many books that I need to give to people! 

I also narrated an audiobook! Check it out! 


Sidetracked was written by Brandilyn Collins, and is a great book! If you want to hear me read it to you, you can scoop it for under $20 (for free if you try out Audible).

I really liked narrating the audiobook, and I am going to try to do a few more. There’s something amazing about being paid for reading! I’d also love your opinions on the book! Since it’s my first audiobook, I could use advice. 

Also, every Monday on the show has become “Police State Monday”. The show is nothing but police abuse and brutality stories. It’s really sad, depressing, and even terrifying, but I feel like it’s an important task. It takes a lot of work to put everything together every week, but I think it’s worth it. 


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