#FACEBOOKDOWN – Facebook Went Down Today And The Internet Freaked Out


It all started out so innocently for me today, I decided to clean my house (a rare occasion indeed). I was listening to Pandora, and wanted to make a comment on my Facebook about it.

I know, I know, we all listen to Pandora plenty, but they keep playing these ads for abortion, “Are you pregnant and not sure what to do?” This leads me to believe that Pandora thinks only pregnant and hormonal women listen to my cleaning jam (Jewel station).

I NEEDED to tell the world about this. I headed to my computer, but then I got a text message. I hadn’t even checked it when I received another. And a third.

“Is your Facebook working?”

I realized I couldn’t tell the world about my Pandora observation, no matter how witty I thought it was, and honestly felt sad.

“It will come back soon, ” I thought. “I’ll just get back to cleaning. The kitchen in not even touched yet.”

Another text message.

And I just got this phone last week, and only like 10 people have the phone number.

Not to mention the tweets. I decided to check Twitter, and no, nothing related to Facebook was trending. But I searched #Facebook and had hundreds of tweets in seconds.

In other words, yes, our Facebook is all down, and it’s okay. But I will share some of the tweets with you anyway, since I obviously can’t share Facebook posts…

23 24 25

1 2 3 4 5 6


8 9 11 12 13

Now the better question is, how do I share this?


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