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7 thoughts on “Find Angel

  1. My earthly “father,” Louis G. Wenner, Sr. has finally made the big time–and I found his “magnum opus” via a Google search! And it came about by being published on your website in response to the suffering of a man who was seeking only the prayers of others for his condition. But that’s dad! He capitalizes off of another’s suffering in order to get his opinion across; and all the while he’s sitting at his computer opinionating late in life with his stoma, an idiot bimbo who waits on him hand and foot, six kids who wondered where he went in the seventies, and makes a fair representation of the pictures we’ve all seen of Karl Marx. I apologize to Mr. Murphy for my father’s Marxist crassness. I AM praying for you, Mr. Murphy! The article headlined, “9-12 Delaware Patriots-Russ Murphy Needs Your Prayers,” and the father I’m so proud of wrote, “Sorry to hear about Russ. Sure hope that no money from our country is going to pay his bills!!! (notice the three exclamation points–the sign of a total asshole when writing but without anything of substance to offer, and I write this at the peril of being judged by my Savior Who said, “honor thy Father and Mother”). My earthly father, Louis G. Wenner, Sr, of 404 Bluebird Haven, Middletown, DE., is a total loser in life. You all would do well to not let him intimidate you. That’s all he knows. He’s a liberal Marxist.


    • And if you don’t like the truth, dad– SUE ME. That’ll be fun! (Or, better yet, have one of your Masonic spy friends arrest me!)


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